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Introduction: Hinged Wooden Snowman Family

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Follow along to learn how to make this personalized hinged snowman family.

Step 1: Cut

The first thing I did was cut my pieces of wood. I used a 1 x 4 that was in nice shape so it didn't require much sanding. I started by determining the length of the tallest snowman, then I adjusted the other sizes by about 2 inches each. I just did the measurements visually, so I don't know what they were exactly, but I believe the tallest one was about 18-20 inches. That's about as tall as you can go using only one hinge like I did.

Step 2: Position

I measured 3 1/2" from the bottom and placed the hinge. I spaced the wood apart about 3/8" to give the hinge room for movement.

Step 3: Drill

After marking the hinge holes, I used a drill to make a pilot hole in each slot. I repeated this step with each board and each hinge. I skipped every other slot, then flipped the whole arrangement so I could place the backside hinges, which filled the spaces I skipped on the flip side.

Step 4: Secure

I put in the screws temporarily, so I could test the size and functionality. I did this with all the hinges.

Step 5: Paint

Then I took it all apart and applied several coats of paint. I painted the front, back and sides, but not the top and bottom.

Step 6: Paint

I also applied a light coat of white spray paint to the hinges. Be careful not to apply too thick of a coat or it will interfere with the functionality of the hinge.

Step 7: Sand

When the paint was dry, I sanded the corners.

Step 8: Hinges

Then I put the hinges in place.

Step 9: Test

Check the alignment.

Step 10: Personalizing

Then I began preparing the hats. I decided to put the names on the cuff of the hats. I used an embroidery machine and made them out of fleece, but other options could be used. I think the names add a special personalized touch to the final project.

Step 11: Hats

Next, I began assembling the hats. You can see a tutorial on the hats here. For these, my initial square of fabric was 8" x 9".

Step 12: Cuffs

I added the cuffs with the names, alternating the height of the cuff to match the alternating height of the wood.

Step 13: Scarves

I wrapped a strip of fleece around the wood and looped it in the front to make scarves.

Step 14: Fringe

I used a sharp pair of scissors to fringe the ends of the scarf.

Step 15:

I made the noses out of craft foam, cutting them with a pair of pinking shears to give them the textured edge. I also added google eyes.

Step 16: Buttons

And the last thing I had to do was add the buttons.

Step 17: Storage

And an added bonus is how neatly they fold up for easy storage. That is, if you ever put them away anyway!

For more information or to see more of my original tutorials, visit childmadetutorials.blogspot.com

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    8 years ago

    Very Nice!

    How cute! I love how they store so nicely too so you don't have to worry about them getting damaged!