Introduction: Hires Soda Fountain 1940's

This is a 1940's barn find Hires Root Beer Soda fountain / Syrup dispenser. It is made from stainless steel. When I got it 10 years ago it was in pretty rough shape and was lacking of almost all the paint on the logo plates.


  1. Stainless steel polish
  2. Brillo pads
  3. screw drivers
  4. Air compressor
  5. One shot enamel sign paint

Step 1: Before Cleaning

Fortunately the Dispenser is fully intact. This is the "Before" it was cleaned. I used an air compressor to blow the inside out of all the debris it had collected over the years while it was laying in a barn. It had dirt, leaves, mouse nests you name it!

Step 2: Logo Plate Removal

These logo plates were in solid shape but completely lacking of the original paint. I used One Shot enamel sign paint to restore them.

Step 3: Finished Logo Plates

Painstakingly painted around all the chrome outlines of the letters and designs with white, blue and orange One Shot Enamel.

Step 4: All Shined Up!

I used a brillo scrub pad along with stainless steel polish to bring the body back to life!

Step 5: All Back Together!

Here you can see the finished product all put back together and also see the before and after.

Step 6: Hires Root Beer Soda Dispensers Final Home

The dispenser is now prominently placed in a home theater concession stand.

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