Introduction: Hitman Logo Wall Decor

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Hello Friends,

Welcome, today's one is a special instructable for me, as I'm one of the biggest fan of 'Hitman'. I love and played all its series, if you haven't played yet then i would recommened you to play it .

And off course I love its logo a lot and thus I decided to make one my own. And so I dedicate this logo for all the stealth gamers & fans. So make one and attach up to your wall and give your craziness a go.

In today's instructable I will show you how to make this logo and pin it to your wall with cheaply available thermocol / foam sheets.

So, let's make it now.

Step 1: Equipments

You'll need just few things ......So go get those and start making....

  • 1.5 inch thermocol sheet (for logo)
  • 1 inch thermocol sheet (for backboard)
  • A pen knife
  • or Hot wire cutter
  • Glue or fevicol
  • Double sided tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Markers (red & black)
  • Sketch pens (red & black)

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We will be making our project in two parts, first we'll make the logo ( Part 2 to Part 4 ) and secondly we'll be making the back wall board ( Part 5 to Part 9 ) .

Step 2: Mark and Cut the Logo

Part 1:

So now is the design. Download any photo from google and mark the logo lines with a sketch pen in the 1.5 inch foam sheet.

Now, leaving a small gap (so that you can make perfect lining) cut the lines with "hot wire foam cutter' or with a pen knife.


Now, cut the side edges of the logo and give a fine shape. Then take some sand paper and sand the cutting portions slowly slowly and make the edges smooth.

Step 3: Coloring

Here comes the color part. The logo looks pretty attractive when its in deep blood red, so try to make it all reddishhhhhhh. I made my logo in deep red color with a black border surrounding.

Now take some 'Red and Black' markers or you can use sketch pens, color the body part in deep red, make two coated layers of it.

When its done, color the borders in black. Take a black marker and color each part keeping the same width all around. It feels you the color.

Step 4: Finished Logo

After all the coloring is done our logo will finally look like this. You can apply your own color and check, it is up to you, also now the logo looking pretty good !!

Then we will glue it to the back board and pin it to the wall.

So now we'll make the backboard.

Step 5: Mark & Cut the Backboard

Part 2:

So, from here we'll be making the backboard. Try to make it clear, unbroken and symmetric.

Take a 1 inch foam sheet and mark the boundary lines and then cut accordingly with hot wire foam cutter. You can cut the board with a pen knife also but it will not give you perfect lining or it will be uneven. So i will recommend you to use a 'Hot Wire Cutter' instead of a knife. It gives perfect and straight cutting with a weld on foam surfaces.

Step 6: Gun Shape and Edging

In my design I made two gun designs which represents the weapon double 'ballers' which Hitman usually uses.

So now using a pen knife or cutter cut the edges, corners and all round shapes, etc as shown in pictures. Then make the outer coming edges as a pistol head with elevated cutting.

After every cutting is done, sand all the edges and corners and specially the pistol head (make it round) and give a smooth texture. So that our next part coloring becomes easier for us.

Step 7: Magnificant Coloring

So here is the best part, you'll love it coloring. Make sure to add two or more layer coats of coloring. What happens in single layer coating, after few days later the color becomes little fading on thermocol or foam sheets.

Take the black marker and blackish all the thick borders all around with a same width.

Give a special attention while coloring the pistol (My one look little desi, but i recommend you to make it perfect) give edges a dark color and on others parts give a shading, make it dark.

Shading is a good part here, try to make a black faded shading all over across the Black boundaries on the board and on the pistol head. This part adds a 'Vignette' filter to your board.

Red is the color. So color the bottom part of the board in deep Red all around. Making extra layers on pistol head also gives you a finish on the top and bottom part.

Step 8: Extra Add Ons

On this extra add on, we will make a bar code as Hitman himself having one. we'll add it at the bottom of the board so that our logo remain in the centre, choose any bar code design you love, i made one my own, or you can copy Hitman's one. Mark straight lines with black pen makers.

After that take some Sunboard sheet or double sided tape, cut two small pieces and stick it to the back of the board so that later on we can attach it to the wall.

Step 9: Finished Touch

Now both our First and Second part is done. Now we will glue our logo to the board. So take some fevicol and glue the logo as in picture ( left part is little bit lower than the right part ).

We previously sticked some tape on the back of the board, so now attach the whole assembly to your favourite part of your wall and decorate your room or your gaming setup.

Thank you for being with me.

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