Introduction: How to Spray Paint Your Jeep and Make an Assault Vehicle

Ok since my jeep is a major beater and I take it offroading, what better way to paint a fading beaten up jeep than with spraypaint? I chose to paint it up like an Army assault vehicle and add some zombie stickers. So to start you need a vehicle you plan to paint. (I advise it to be something that you dont really care about getting beaten up) For me that would be my 1990 Jeep Cherokee that I drive offroad a lot. Heres a picture of what it should look like once it is done.

Step 1: Find a Vehicle

Step one find a vehicle. You can use an existing vehicle or go buy one like me from craigslist for dirt cheap. :D Aw look at the lil jeep the day I bought it.

Step 2: Supplies

Now drive to your nearest hardware store and buy the following:

-Spray paint (10 cans of Krylon Satin Italian Olive)
-220grit sandpaper
-a can of mineral spirits
-3 rolls of blue painters tape
-a sanding block

Other supplies you may need:
-newspaper or paper to tape up windows.

Step 3: Prep the Vehicle for Paint

First I needed to remove the pinstripe from the vehicle. I used a heatgun and a razor to remove the pinstripe.

Now remove all the parts you dont want painted off. (lights, roofrack, spare tire, etc)

Next You need to wash the vehicle.

After washing the vehicle you need to sand it down with 220grit sandpaper as shown in picture.

Step 4: Wipe Down

After finish sanding you need to wipe the entire vehicle down with some Acetone or mineral spirits to clean the surface.

I then Painted the door jams so that I wouldnt have to go back and mess with it and it looks cleaner. (This step may require removal of some interior panels depending on model of vehicle. In my case I didnt have any really so I didnt have to worry about it.

Step 5: Mask Off the Windows

After prep and doing the door jams. I needed to mask off the windows and lights so that I wouldnt get paint all over them. I just used paper I had laying around.


Ok now for the fun stuff PAINT. Break out all the spray paint you bought and start spraying. Make sure your (insert nice car here) isnt parked nearby or you may get overspray on it. I advise you to do one complete light coat first then a final coat after. Krylon covers quite well. Coats may vary based on what kind of paint you use.

Step 7: Remove the Masking

After letting the paint dry for an hour you can remove the masking on the windows. Should look something like the picture below. (Notice the numbers I stenciled on before taking off the tape.)

Step 8: Reinstall Parts and Enjoy

Now reinstall the parts you took off (lights, roof rack, etc.)


I bought a front bullguard and wanted to paint it to match the truck. So ill add this step in aswell.

1) Sand down bullguard with 200 grit sandpaper

2) wipedown with acetone

3) paint with duplicolor truckbed paint

Step 10: Final Install

I installed the front bullguard and it looks like this: The second picture is a year later after I added zombie decals to it and got a new front bumper for it. As you can see the paint has held up fine even after beating it on trails.

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