HoBoe Finger-less Fitness Gloves [Upcycled, 30-20 Min Make :-D]



Introduction: HoBoe Finger-less Fitness Gloves [Upcycled, 30-20 Min Make :-D]

About: I love to make things, cut corners, save time and save money while still remaining stylish. I enjoy upcycling, DIY and anything that's weird and interesting :-D

Welcome to my Instructable on upcycling old worn out socks into your very own set of HoBoe Finger-less Fitness Gloves in under 30 mins.

The idea came to me one day as I was sorting my socks, I was shopping for fitness groves the day before because my hands get really cold when I do my fitness classes in the mornings and they can be expensive for a good set, which is something I can't shell out on. I found a pair of worn socks and I had one of my idea moments and went to my room to make ^_^

These gloves are cheap, cheerful and very easy to make. I have used them during a long fitness session and they worked really well, they kept my hands warm on the cold ground. This project cost me the grand total of nothing, god bless upcycing :-D

The things you will need are:
-A pair of worn socks
-Needles and fred 

Step 1: Cutting Time!

There is some wastage from the socks sadly...

>You have to cut it so you have the stretchy material at the top, the rest of the sock is worthless in this project (...but I'm sure you guys will find a use for it :-))

>Once you have cut that part off you can throw it away, now you have to cut the thumb holes. What I done was put the sock on my hand and guessed where the hole would be.

>Once your done you should have something that looks like mine :-D

Step 2: A Stitch in Time :-)

Because I only made these in half an hour and with only a needle and fred, the quality is nothing amassing but like I said there cheap and cheerful.

>First you want to get a fred that matches the material, I did not :-P

>Then you want to turn the sock inside out

>Put two stitches on the ends of the thumb hole to make sure it don't keep getting bigger

>After that you want to fold the end material where your fingers will poke out back on itself a little bit, this will give it a better finish. Now you want to stitch the folds and you should have a finish like the pics :-) 

(If you get stuck then just use my pics to give you a better idea of what to do)

Step 3: The End

Now you have yourself a nice set of "HoBoe Fitness Gloves", I'm sure that some of you will get a better finish than what I done because it took me only 30 mins. I'm sure with more time and better tools you can get a better finish, I will be posting a better make in a later date (...when I get more old socks, the right fred and the time)

I hope you guys have enjoyed my upcycled money saving gloves :-D

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