Introduction: How to Make a Cow Usb ( Flash Drive )

so today im going to show you how to make a cow usb like this one...

Step 1:

What you would need is the following:

- usb ( flash drive )
- a foam cow or something to place your usb on, like a toy train
- a knife or cutter

Step 2:

So first you have to open your usb ( flash drive )

Step 3:

now cut a line of 1cm or less on the cow to be able to insert the usb ( flash drive )..

you may want to insert the knife to make a hole inside the foam cow

Step 4:

now start inserting the usb ( flash drive ) into the foam cow..

cut more if needed...

maybe you would like to use some crazy glue to place in the hole when the flash drive is in...

Step 5:

and your final result is your own foam cow usb...

thanks for reading/making this instructable