Introduction: Hobbit Christmas Sign

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On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me - a Hobbit welcome sign! Or unwelcome sign, depending on the kind of business your bringing. But remember:

Christmas business only!

Here's how I put this project together:


Materials I used: (with affiliate links)

1/2" 6"x24" pine board

Vinyl -

Transfer paper -

Chalk paint -

Nails -

Craft wire -

Small screws

Danish oil -

Tools I used:

Brother plotter -

Weeding hook -

Hammer -

Squeegee -


Step 1: Design the Sign

The first thing I needed to do was to go and find a font that fit the sign from the Hobbit. I found one called 'hobbiton' and downloaded and installed it. The font doesn't exactly match the sign from the Hobbit, but it was close enough.

I measured my board, and matched the dimensions in Illustrator, then type out my Hobbit message (adding in Christmas). Sizing it to the size I wanted, I centered it on the board and sent the file to my plotter.

Step 2: Cut the Stencil

Using the plotter software, I adjusted the message to fit corner to corner on the vinyl so ensure it was big enough for the board. I then cut it out on the plotter.

Using a weeding hook I removed all the lettering, then placed the transfer paper over the vinyl. After squeegeeing (that a word, right?) the transfer paper down I cut around the lettering.

Step 3: Placing the Stencil

I peeled the stencil off the backing and placed it on the board. I squeegeed the stencil evenly across the board, then removed the transfer paper.

Step 4: Paint

Cutting up a small piece of sponge, I used it to dab the chalk paint onto the stencil. I let it dry, then applied another layer of paint, trying to get as even of coverage as possible.

While the paint was ever-so-slightly still wet, I started peeling the vinyl off the board (I did this to ensure that any dry paint wouldn't peel off with the stencil). I used the weeding hook to help get the smaller pieces of vinyl

Step 5: Cutting to Size

Based on my stencil, I realized that I needed to cut my sign down a few inches to match the reference sign from the Hobbit. I made a mark on the sign, squared a line, then cut to size.

Step 6: It's Hammer Time

I took some nails that I had and cut them to size. Making 4 marks on the board that matched the placement of the nails from the sign in the Hobbit, I hammered the nails the nails into place.

Step 7: Oil and Hang

Using another piece of sponge, I took some danish oil and oiled down the entire sign. I screwed 2 small screws into the back of the sign, then wrapped some craft wire around each to make it hang-able.

Step 8: Print a Mount Hook

I wanted to mount this sign on the Candy Cane post I made, so I 3D printed a mounting hook (the same one I used to mount in the Excitebike bike shed)

Using 1 1/2" screws, I mounted the hook to the front of the candy cane post, then hung the sign

Step 9: Welcome Guests... or Unwelcome Them

Now that the sign was proudly hung, I could welcome guests in geeky style. Or unwelcome them. It would depend on the type of business. But please, just remember:

Christmas business only!