Introduction: Hobo Cooking

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Hobo Cooking is great because it used heavy duty aluminum foil (Some should be folded up in your BoB) which you can get at the dollar store and then fill it with whatever meats, vegetables and seasoning that you want. They can be made over a fire, coals. or in the oven.

Step 1: Preheat

Preheat your oven to 450 degrees. If you are using a campfire, coal make sure your fire is already started.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials

In this example of a Hobo dinner I am using Chicken, Broccoli and canned fire roasted tomatoes made in an oven.

1 Bag of frozen broccoli cuts

1 can Hunt's fire roasted diced tomatoes

1 bottle Italian Dressing (or of your choice)

(X) Boneless chicken breasts (where is the amount you want to make)

Garlic powder

Salt & Pepper

Step 3: Drain Tomatoes

Cut open and drain your can of tomatoes

Step 4: Combine

Combine the broccoli, drained tomatoes and dressing in a bowl and stir it all up real good. Let it set for a bit.

Step 5: Foil

Lay out your foil at least 12" x 12" salt, pepper, and garlic powder the center of the foil.

Step 6: Foil Pt2

Put your chicken in the center of the foil that you just seasoned and then season the top of the chicken again with the salt, pepper and garlic powder once more. Now comes the good part scoop some of that broccoli, tomato dressing mixture onto the chicken.

Step 7: Wrapping

Take the top and bottom of the foil and bring them together and roll them down a bit.

Step 8: Wrapping Pt2

Then roll up the sides.

Step 9: Heating

Heat in the oven or your source of fire for 25-30min

Step 10:

CAREFULLY!!!! open the top and let out the steam CAUTION!!!! this will be hot. When ready put it all on a plate, bowl or even eat from the foil. ENJOY!!!! :)

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