Introduction: Hobo Stove Pot Stand

Here is a pot stand that I built for my hobo stove. I built this so I had a more stable platform to set a pot of food on. It's really quite simple, it's 3 pieces of aluminum bar that interlock to form a triangle that is just barely taller than the stove (mine is .25" taller than my stove).
I bought a 36"x2"x3/16" piece of aluminum bar at home depot. I cut three 8" long pieces off. On each of these pieces I measured .5" in from the side and made a .25" notch that comes down 1", see the picture showing just 1 bar to understand what I mean. On one piece I drilled some holes in the side of it (in the pictures they are rather small but I later drilled them out to .5") to allow for air to flow in should I have a large skillet on top of the triangle that covers the whole thing.
I also made sure to drill a small hole in the corner of each piece, this way when I have the stand taken apart I can put a small dog tag chain through all 3 pieces and toss it in my backpack.

DISCLAIMER: with every stove being handmade and having a slightly different shape I highly recommend trying to make a stand out of cardboard first just to make sure that you can adjust your measurements as needed. In one of the pictures you can see how I did this with cardboard from an old beer box.

I hope that you've found this helpful, feel free to ask me any questions.