Introduction: Hockey Puck Mobile Device Stand

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I made this for all of the hockey lovers out there (including me) and in honor of the 2014 Olympic Games (hockey). I thought I'd have some fun and make a nice little stand for myself.
You'll need a hockey pick, something to cut the puck with (I used a dremel and some wood cutting tools, and some decorations.

Step 1: Decorations

The decorations that I put on at first didn't work out and so I ended up doing them last but I would recommend doing them first for a cleaner look.

Step 2: Dremel the Hole for the Charger to Fit Through

All you have to do is dremel a hole that is big enough for a charger (for your phone) to fit through. It needs to be all of the way through the puck. This is kind of difficult. Know that. If you are using a dremel then know that you may smell burning rubber and stuff like that. The hole doesn't have to be a perfect rectangle. It just has to be rough. Also, it helps to outline where you want to dremel on the bottom

Step 3: Cleaning Up and Adding Phone Slot

Now just clean up your hole a little bit and then start cutting the slot that the phone will fit through. !DO NOT MAKE THIS SLOT ALL OF THE WAY THROUGH THE PUCK! Just about a 1/4 inch is probably good. This slot should be big enough to slide your phone in easily, don't worry if the phone doesn't stay up. The charger will support it when we add that. Also add a slight path for the wire of the puck to go through so it doesn't make the whole thing unstable.

Step 4: Adding the Charger

Now you need to put the charger in and place something to block it from coming out. I used some wood and got it in place with some hot glue. Then you can cut off any excess wood that you don't need. And then tape the charger wire to the path for it that we made earlier.

Step 5: Decorating (for Me)

This part is really open. You can add stickers and pictures but I would recommend gluing down a black sheet of paper to cover any existing pictures that were already on there (if you want).

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