Hockey Stick for Prosthetic Arm

Introduction: Hockey Stick for Prosthetic Arm

My project is a hockey stick that people with a prosthetic arm can use. I made a model for my idea by taking a hockey stick and a tubular steel corner 3 way that we connected to a hockey stick with hockey tape. There are also two orange wire connectors to attach the prosthetic arm to the hockey stick. The orange wire connectors connect to the prosthetic arm and places the prosthetic arm in place.

I noticed in my research that the existing hockey sticks for prosthetic arms do not seem to work for people with amputated arms from the elbow down. My model solves that problem because it has a support for the elbow, which you can see on the model where there are the two long sides of the metal connector. The the lower arm prosthetic gets screwed into the wire connectors.

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