Introduction: Hockey Table

(This is NOT a Air Hockey Table, you have been warned).
Is very easy to make, cheap and can be done in half hour.

I found a very good MDF board for the table, it have a smooth surface on one side, it was a bit more expensive than a regular MDF board ($39.89)

This is only the top of the table, that mean NO LEGS, you have to put the hockey table on a table, a very strong table. I will try to upload a design for the complete table soon

Step 1: Materials

MDF Board that measure 224 x 214 cm. and 1.5 cm thick and cut it as follow:
1x 122 cm. X 214 cm. (piece A)
4x 8 cm. X 107 cm. (piece B)
4x 8 cm. X 43 cm. (piece C)
4x 8 cm. X 30 cm. (piece D)
2x 4.5 cm. X 30 cm. (piece E)

the extra wood from the MDF, use on what ever you want

16x bolt with nuts
2x hinges with screws

Electrical saw

Step 2: Work the Pieces

Use the electrical saw to round one corner on each of the four piece C, you can also leave the square border, it make a bit more hard to make a point, just rounded a bit

Now on the piece A, make a hole on where the porter suppose to go, this will allow the pocket to fall

Step 3: Attach the Borders

Use the pieces B and C and make the border over piece A, obviously have to be a open space over the cut make on the piece A

Use the bolts and nuts to secure the pieces, you can also use glue if you like

As you can see this is a very rustic table, but with a lot fun

Step 4: The Porter

Now come the pieces D, put one piece on the top and the other on the bottom of each porter, like a sandwich

The piece E prevent that the pocket fly away when a point its made, use the hinges to make some kind of door, that way is easy to retrieve the pocket

Step 5: Lets Play

I buy the puck and strikers from, but sure you can find also on ebay and others. I thought this table for pucks of 2 1/2" diameter, you just make a bigger the porter if you want play with the 3 1/4" pucks

This table is very simple, cheap and easy to esamble, ideal for a weekend