Introduction: Hogwarts Board Game- Fusion 360

This is a fun game you can make and can share with your Harry Potter friends! This game includes 40 game pieces that are pretty easy to make for the most part.

Step 1: Making the Piece Shape

First, you need to go up to the ribbon bar, to Sketch, and click Edge Polygon. Select the xz plane, and give the polygon 6 sides. Each side should be 1 inch long. Next, click E on the keyboard to set up Extrude. Then extrude the polygon up 0.5 of an inch.

Step 2: Text

Now go up to the sketch tab, and select Text. Type a "G" in the middle of the polygon, then bold it and set the thickness to 0.5.

Step 3: Create More Polygons With Text

Now make three more polygons, following step 1. Then add text to them, making one have an "H", one have an "S", and one have an "R". Bold them and make their thickness all the same.

Step 4: Copy and Paste More Pieces

After you finish making all five pieces, copy the G piece and paste it somewhere else, so you should now have two G pieces. Do this until you have ten G's, ten S's, ten H's, and ten R's. Now you finished your pieces!