Introduction: Hogwart's Professors

.Inspired by a Harry Potter Doll, I purchased a basic body pattern and began with Prof. Snape.  His body was crocheted in black but I left his hands skin colored.  His hair is made with embroidery floss individually stitched to his head.  I added a nose by playing with a few stitches.  His cloak was made by crocheting the sleeves and stitching them to his body, then I made the cloak by fitting it onto the doll as I went.
McGonnagall was next- I wanted her a little taller so I added rounds to her legs.  Her body is also done in black but she has a long skirt that was stitched on.  Her robe was done in the same way as Snape's.  For her hair I used a dollmaking technique I found on line- her hair is grey soft yarn.  I adapted the hat from a scarecrow pattern and added a band of green.
Umbridge's clothes were adapted from patterns also found online for 9" dolls.  Her hair is mixed colors.
The doll's have beads for eyes, wands from toothpicks and the ladies have pins made from old earrings.
These were really fun to make and don't take a lot of skill once you learn some basic techniques and use a lot of trial and error for the clothes.
I have Hogwart's students close to completion and hope to add Dumbledore and Prof. Trelawney to the group.

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