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Introduction: Holey JackOLantern

This is a unique pumpkin carving design that you can place a bright LED bulb in to make it extra bright. Visible from far away, and from all directions!


  • Large pumpkin
  • Drill
  • Drill bits various sizes (1/4" to 1-1/2")
  • Extension cord
  • 2-prong light bulb socket adapter
  • Light bulb

Step 1: Open & Empty Pumpkin

Open the bottom of the pumpkin, the extension cord will need to enter the bottom. Scoop out as much seed and pulp as possible.

Step 2: Start by Drilling Biggest Holes

Drill 6-8 of the largest holes (max 2" diameter) evenly spaced around the pumpkin. Don't rev the drill too high or pumpkin skin might spray in all directions!

Move the drill bits to smaller and smaller sizes, filling in space as you go.

Step 3: Drill Smaller Holes

Move the drill bits to smaller and smaller sizes, filling in space as you go.

Don't go smaller than a 1/4" drill bit, the holes still need to be big enough for the light to escape.

Step 4: Rinse the Outside

Running the pumpkin under the tap or a hose will remove all the lose pulp from the outside.

Step 5: Plug It In

Choose the proper extension cord, light bulb socket, and light bulb for your environment.

I used a 6' polarized cord and 13W LED bulb which is nice and bright, and warmly colored.

Step 6: Place Outside & Enjoy

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    2 years ago

    Love this idea.


    2 years ago

    Nice idea!!