Introduction: Holiday Six-pack Wallet

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Wallet from a six-pack of beer.

It's Christmas season, which means it's time to start making gifts for your friends and family.

This year I wanted to make someone a simple yet festive wallet using a six-pack of their favorite holiday beer.

It's pretty simple. Let's go!

Step 1: Drink Six Beers...

...Or don't, but you're going to need the box emptied in any case. (^_^)

Remember to choose a beer with interesting artwork.

Step 2: Disassemble the Box

I was probably more surgical in my box disassembly than is strictly necessary, as you can see in the photos. All you really need to preserve is the large graphic on the large face of the box.

Separate the face from the rest of the box, leaving about a half an inch of the two short sides attached, creating little tabs. [Pic. 4]

Step 3: Folding and Cutting

Now flip your cardboard sheet over, and fold it in half the long way (hot dog style). [Pic. 1]

Then fold it in half again, perpendicular to the first fold. [Pic. 2]

Next, cut off half of each of the tabs, on either side of the fold. [Pic. 3]

Finally remove a narrow triangle of cardboard from the center fold, on the interior side of the wallet. [Pic. 4]

Step 4: Tape It Up

Now you need to tape the wallet together. I used clear Scotch brand packaging tape.

First coat the entire brown side of the cardboard with a layer of tape, then the side with the artwork. This will help make the cardboard stronger, and water resistant.

Then fold the tabs inside the wallet, fold the wallet into shape, and tape the wallet closed.

Step 5: Last Minute Card Slots

But wait! Where will they store their important cards?

Relax, it's simple. Make two vertical cuts in either side of the interior of the wallet. [Pic. 2]
Now they can slip a few cards in the slots.

You're Done!
The final step is to fill it with money, or gift cards, (or if you're cheap, with love) and give it to that special someone!
Merry Christmas

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