Introduction: Holiday Drink!

Have you ever been invited to a holiday party last minute and did not want to show up empty handed but could figure out what to bring ?! Or wanted something to bring that is cheap, easy, and delicious? Well, I have the perfect idea for you. A kool-aid slushy! With the variety of flavors and colors, this could be useful for any holiday that you could think of!

What you would need:

1 cup of water
1/2 cup of desired kool-aid mix

3 cups of ice


3 cups of sugar

(Extra, not needed)

food coloring

Step 1:

Mix the water and kool-aid mix in a large cup then pour into the blender. Add 1 cup of the ice cubes

Step 2:

Cover then blend on high speed until ice is all broken up. Add the rest of the ice, blend until smooth

Step 3:

Add the required amount of sugar and food coloring then blend for a couple seconds.

You may want to taste the finished product to see if it is sweet enough for you

Should serve immediately