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Introduction: Holiday Plant Cover and Festive Candle Holder

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I love gardening and love to decorate my house with indoor plants. So I have decided to make a living table arrangementI that is festive and not very expensive and take very little creative skill and yet catches peoples attention.

I had done this table arrangement for Diwali, which is the India festival of light. My co-worker had shown me how to make these beautifully stunning mason jar candle holder and they definitely caught everyones attention this Diwali. Mason Jar candle holder with the burlap rosemary plant cover gives you house a rustic and festive look. Now, just that the smell of rosemary is enough to fills the room with extra joy . You can use then on countertop around you dessert or food arrangement. Put them wherever you want to light the corner with festivity. Enjoy and please don't forget to leave a comment. it helps me improve my intractable.

Step 1: What You Need

1. Candle holder

  • Mason Jar - Pick the one with clear glass. U can get any design and any no depending on the place you are going to use these. I brought them from Walmart. Pick the one that looks like jelly bottle.
  • One bag fresh Cranberry

2. Plant cover

  • Plant - Pick any.I like rosemary a lot.They don't need to be watered very often, they smell very nice and festive. One can get these in Lowes for under $8.
  • Burlap - I brought the 14 inch table runner from the wedding section of Walmart. Less than $5. You can get fancy burlap fabric from craft store that are printer and matches your christmas decoration.
  • Raffia

Step 2: The Burlap Planter Cover

1. Cut the burlap so that it covers the planter. The easy way I did it is by placing the planter in the center of burlap and holding it up to see if the burlap covers the planter.
2. It should cover one inch over the top edge of the planter. Now cut the burlap.

3. Then take the diagonally opposite edge of the burlap and fold it up. Use the raffia to tie it in place. once you have done it arrange the burlap around the planter. You may also way to tighten the burlap so that it hug's the planter properly.

4.Arrange the bow of the raffia and cut off any extra raffia.

Something important to keep in mind is to water the plant throughly one day in advance, before making this arrangement so that the Burlap is dry and you don't need to worry about watering the plant for few days. When u want to water the plant. slide the burlap cover away and keep it in the side. Once you have watered the plant and let the water drain out throughly then slide the cover on. Arrange and decorate in the way you like.

Step 3: Candle Holder

1. Place 2 quantities of rosemary stem that is about 5 inches in length inside the Mason Jar.

2. Add one fourth cup of cranberry in the glass jar.

3. Fill it up with water till the neck of the Jar.

4. Now place a tealight candle in the jar on top of the floating cranberry to get this festive candle decoration going.

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    Great idea, the festive candle holder is pretty ...