Introduction: Holiday Shopping Security. Out of Sight, Out of Mind!

This instructable will show you how to make a easy, cheap retractable cover for your back seat that will deter thieves. The ONLY specialty item needed is a cargo cover. The cargo cover is basically a retractable shade that comes with many vehicles from the factory, mainly SUV's and hatch back cars. You can purchase these cargo covers from local scrap yards, or my favorite, craigslist. The example shown is actually a strange cargo cover from a 08 Nissan SUV. It is not a bad idea to measure the length from the back of your driver/passenger seat to the front of the back seat, and find a cover about the same length.

Parts list:

1 x cargo cover

1 x coat hanger

multiple zip ties

Step 1: Acquire Materials

Acquire materials. Very simple, just steal a hanger from your closet and gather a few extra zip ties. I prefer zip ties about 1/4" thick and about 6" in length, the size of the zip ties are not important, if all you have are smaller zip ties just use more of them, thats perfectly fine.

Find a cargo cover about the right size and color for your application, you should be able to find these for about 20 bucks. Call your local automotive scrap yard or put a ad out in your local craigslist and this wont be a problem. They can be found in hatch back cars and SUV's mainly. The one I use in these instructions is hard to work with, because it retracts in both directions "you will see what I mean in the next step" I would prefer to use a standard single direction cargo cover if I had a choice. But I had this one laying around for free so I used it.

Step 2: Install Cargo Cover to Seats

Set your cargo cover in place and use the zip ties to attach it. This cover had loops in it which made it easy to attach. Wrap zip ties around the head rest and around the cargo cover, pull tight then trim the excess.

It helps to have both of your seats reclined approximately the same angle so the cover will fit nice and square.

Step 3: Coat Hanger Latch and Enjoy.

For this step you use the coat hanger, bend it to hook into any available piece in the back area of your vehicle. I had a hook on the shelf behind the rear seats that worked great. If you have an SUV you can use the back seat head rests. Attach your coat hanger to this point, pull the cargo cover tight and bend the other end of the coat hanger at the correct place to hold it nice and tight. Now the cargo cover will be held securely by the zip ties in the front so it will be held firmly in place.

Project completed! Now you can park your car in the back of the mall parking lot with a little more piece of mind that your merchandise sitting in the back seat is covered and out of sight.

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