Introduction: Holiday Wreaths Made From Ceiling Medallions

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I love making holiday wreaths.

So this year, I’m going beyond just the single wreath, and making three holiday wreaths out of ceiling medallions.

Whenever I make a series of anything that aren’t exactly alike, I look for a few ways I can make them look like they go.

For this holiday wreaths project, I looked for two elements that are the same: shape and size.

And to make them look like they truly go together, I’m painting them all the same bold color.

To make the wreaths unique to my family, I’m adding a holiday-themed word that represents my humor-driven family in the center of the medallion. Just print the words on cardstock, and attach it from behind. I tried Peace, Joy, Love, but Ho! Ho! Ho! is definitely a perfect fit for my family.

Add a ribbon tied around a fastener on the back, and then since I used a polyurethane medallion and exterior paint, I have the option of hanging my holiday wreaths as a series inside, or on our front porch.

Happy wreath-making. And happy holidays.

Step 1: The Before.

I chose three polyurethane medallions from Fypon: Jefferson, Traditional and Florentine styles. Once I chose these three, I got ready to spray paint them.

Step 2: Print the Words You Love.

After spray painting, I printed Ho Ho Ho on cardstock. I attached the cardstock in the center, from behind.

Step 3: Hang Your Wreaths!

If you attach the word from behind, attach a fastener to the back of the wreath and tie ribbon to make it easy to hang from a wall or window. Secure with tape at the top of the door or from a wreath hanger. Don’t put a nail or screw in your door. You could void the warranty and damage the door.

Step 4: ​Another After.

I added a word in the center from the front so I could use a larger word, and I can use the center cut-out to hang the medallion on the wall.

Step 5: ​And Another After.

I like how this medallion looks in blue. I might need to step away from this project. The options are endless. And I can’t stop thinking about more ways to use these painted medallions for other holidays…

Step 6: Enjoy This Video!