Introduction: Holistic Automotive Survival Kit

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I have been driving for some time now and I am not talking about a trip on the weekends or a 15 minute drive. I drive almost 3 hours daily, 7 days a week. I spend most of my day away from home and only thing I can rely on is my car. I need my car to have all the things I may need in any kind of situation. So as soon as i started driving, I started to put things in my car which I thought were important and got rid of the unimportant ones over time. After about half a year this practice led to a holistic kit being formed which can solve many situations.

So in this Instructable I am going to share with you guys, my automotive survival kit. Now my kit still has some things missing which I just didn't get around to buy but for you guys I am going to mention them all. So don't worry. I got you covered.

Step 1: Back to Basics

Well I just wanted to clarify that my kit wont be mentioning the absolute basics which I expect that you already have in you vehicle.

These include the following:

  1. Spare tire
  2. Lifting Jack
  3. Lifting Jack Rotating Arm
  4. Tire Rod

These are the things you should have at all costs. So make sure you have them and then proceed forward.

Step 2: Components of the Survival Kit

There are several components of the automotive survival kit. They are divided into smaller boxes and bags. I did this because the type of things are so diverse that they just couldn't be put together. Plus i also wanted them to be small and separately manageable.

The following are the basic components:

  1. Tools Kit
  2. Bug Out Bag
  3. Car Trouble Essentials
  4. Be Prepared Kit

Honestly speaking I could have done separate ibles on all of these components as they are so detailed. But I am doing it in a single ible so that it is attractive to a large audience.

Step 3: Tools Kit - Intro

Well a good tools kit is important to have in every vehicle. There are thousands of kits out there in the market like this one but they have some disadvantages over the one I am going to show you.

  1. They mostly have low quality tools
  2. Some tools are not useful at all
  3. They are expensive
  4. They are not made by you :P

So to keep the spirit of DIY alive, I am going to advise you to build your own tool kit. Its simple. First make a list of what you think you need. Buy those tools and a bigger box for them. Use the tools kit and expand as you go. Well that is my approach and it works.

Step 4: Tools Kit - Contents

Well the following are the absolute basic tools you will need.

  1. Standard Regular Pliers Amazon Link
  2. Long Nose Pliers Amazon Link
  3. Double Sided Screw Driver Amazon Link
  4. Electrical Tape Amazon Link
  5. Duct Tape Amazon Link
  6. Nut Keys Amazon Link

Well I don't think I need to go over them individually as they all are the basic and pretty simple to understand. I will expect you already know the importance of each. That being said I cant resist going over duct tape. Duct tape is a miracle material and if I could, I would fill my whole trunk with duct tape. It can literally save your life. Don't believe me? Watch mythbusters's duct tape specials.

There are some other stuff too which i have but its of relatively less importance. I will leave it up to you to decide if you want it or not. Following are those things

  1. WD 40 Amazon Link
  2. Super Glue Amazon Link
  3. 12V Tester Amazon Link

Step 5: Tools Kit - Expansion & Placement

The basics are covered. For further expansion there are some things you could add if you like.

  1. Cutter Amazon Link
  2. Knife Blade Amazon Link
  3. Volt meter Amazon Link

Then there are thing which I thing have no utility in a car tools kit.

  1. Socket Wrench Set
  2. Screw Driver Set

After you buy all the tools you need, put them in a good sturdy box and place it in the trunk of your car. Try to fit it in some corner so that it doesn't move around. Use some sort of packaging inside to keep the tools from becoming noisy.

Step 6: Bug Out Bag - Intro

Well the bug out bag started as an idea of a bag that I will have with me every time I travel out of home some where. It was just an idea but it soon became a reality and thereafter it became a part of my car kit. I keep it with me where ever I travel and it helps me out a lot.

This is also just a collection of some of the handy stuff i have. Some of the stuff you may be thinking are lacking in the tools kit are covered here.

Step 7: Bug Out Bag - Contents

There are a lot of things in this bag. I will mention all of them. Bear in mind that few of the things are just for fun an not exactly imperative to survival.

  1. Paracord stored in altoids tin container Amazon Link
  2. EDC Survival Kit Instructable Link
  3. Deck of Cards Amazon Link
  4. Leatherman Charge ALX Amazon Link
  5. Gerber Knife Amazon Link
  6. Flashlight Amazon Link
  7. Stun Gun Flash Light Amazon Link
  8. Tissue Paper Amazon Link
  9. Back Up Cell Phone Amazon Link
  10. Cell Phone Charger Amazon Link
  11. Head Phones Amazon Link
  12. Writing Pen Amazon Link
  13. USB Flash drive
  14. Match Box

These are the things I have. You ought not to have the exact same stuff but I think you get the idea. The Leatherman is a multi tool and it can do a lot on its own. The flashlight missing in the tools kit are covered here. Paracord is just awesome stuff to have. Make sure its military grade. Knife is good to have. Cell phone gets used a lot since smartphones only last a day.This Nokia lasts a week. Pen comes in very handy too. USB for any sort of IT related issue.

Other than that it has my usual carry stuff including

  1. Wallet
  2. G Shock Watch
  3. American Optician Aviator Sunglasses
  4. Smart Phone
  5. Car Keys with paracord lanyard

Step 8: Bug Out Bag - Expansion + Placement

You can further expand the bug out bag. I have some ideas which i will add in the future

  1. Basic First Aid Kit Amazon Link
  2. Granola Bars Amazon Link
  3. Lighter Amazon Link

So as far as the placement is concerned I recommend you to keep it with you. In your car, keep it besides your legs and take it out if you are at home. Now if you have a licensed weapon, keeping that in this bag will be a good idea. For me the stun gun will have to do.

Step 9: Car Trouble Essentials

Apart from the car tools kit and the car basic tools, there are some other important stuff you need to have in your can for various kinds of situations.

1. Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are pretty important to have. They are used to jump start a car if its battery has died. They are available widely pretty cheap like this one but I built my own. The commercial ones are of low quality so what i did was use half inch thick cable and huge alligator clips. It maybe a bit overkill but they can handle upwards of 300 Amps. Place them in the concave of your spare tire.

2. Gasoline Reserve

It is really a situation if you run out of gas and it can happen. So for that I keep a 1.5L reservoir of gasoline in plastic bottle. I would recommend you to buy a jerry can like this one as it is much safer.

3. Car Pump

A car pump is very helpful in refilling your cars tires. It is powered by your car battery and is fairly powerful. I don't own one at the moment but I plan to buy one like this one.

4. Jump Starter

A jump starter has a small but high power battery capable of starting a car. It is a bit expensive so i don't have one but it will be helpful if you go on long trips to secluded areas. Something like this one.

5. Tissue Paper

It is pretty obvious. You may already have it but add if you don't.

6. Tarp

This is a user suggested and I think its a good idea. I have a tarp in my trunk but didn't mention it. So get a cheap old tarp if you don't have it already. It will be helpful in under car repairs or just a picnic. Trust me, it will help.

Step 10: Be Prepared Kit - Intro

The be prepared kit is also an interesting one. It has stuff mainly needed to get freshened up after a long day or exercise. It has stuff needed to get you ready to attend a function.

For me it started when I had to attend some functions after my busy work day. I didnt had time to head home so I brought the clothes and stuff with me. I got ready and attended the event.

After that I made a bag just for emergency event. Just so that I am prepared.

Step 11: Be Prepared Kit - Contents

It has the following stuff in it.

  1. Change of fresh clothes
  2. Deodorant Spray
  3. Towel
  4. Lotion
  5. Comb
  6. Nail Cutter + File
  7. Water
  8. Drink
  9. Breath Mints

These are most of the things you will need to get fresh and party ready in a pinch. Keep the bag in your car's trunk and forget about it. It will come in handy.

Step 12: Concluding Remarks

Well this is everything I keep in my car. I hope you find it helpful and inspiring. Obviously there are thousands of other things you can keep to help you out. This is just my kit. Comment below any cool ideas you have.

Thank you for viewing my instructible.

Please Vote for me in the Survival Contest. Really need the leatherman. So much so that I decided to write this after the lack of success of my first ible for the contest.

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