Introduction: Hollow Book Coin Maze

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This hollow-book coin maze, though original, is a mix of two well-known, fun ideas. It is also completely customizable. Although I made mine with two levels inside a medium-sized book, this same hollow-book maze could be made with several levels inside a gigantic dictionary or other large book. Regardless of size or style, enjoy making your very own hollow book coin maze.

Step 1: Materials


School glue
Razor blade or Exacto knife
A book
A scroll saw (optional)

Step 2: Preparations

Carefully slit the cover off your book (the actual bulk of the pages), and set the cover aside. Divide the pages evenly. From the inside of the book, cut the binding at this aforementioned division with your Exacto knife or razor blade so that you have two sections (or a section for each of the levels you plan to have in your maze). Glue all the outside edge of the pages together by wiping glue along the edges with your finger.

Step 3: Designing

After several attempts at finding a special pre-made design for my penny maze tunnels, I finally caved in and drew my own two layered design. As I have said, this project is completely customizable, and every design is individual to the maker and the book. So plan, and make, your own. Have fun creating this hollow-book maze project!

Step 4: Cutting

Carefully cut out your customized design with a scroll saw or razor blade. Once you are finished, you should glue your two levels together, and glue the now-joined levels into the cover of the book. Cut two holes in the cover at the entrance and exit of your maze. I hope you enjoy.