Hollow Wall Insulation

Introduction: Hollow Wall Insulation

I first tried to fill the cavity by hand, but then had the idea of blowing insulation inside.


Leaf blower.

Remote switch.

Pvc tubing.


Scrap wood.


Step 1: Leaf Blower

Remove the nose from the blower and jam the microswitch closed.

Step 2: Stand

Make a simpe stand of scrap wood and connect the pvc tube to the blower.

Tape the connections to avoid leaks.

Step 3: Intake

Use a large pvc bend to get the right direction and height for the intake.

A remote switch makes the work easier.

Step 4: Access

Make a hole at top of the wall and enter the blowing tube, and you are ready to go.

Step 5: Fragmenting

In the beginning I crushed the polystyrene slabs and fed the machine through a cone,

but then I realized that the fan shattered big lumps.

Then I started slicing up the 2” slabs in 2” strips, which are easy to break into 2-3” pieces

and feed directly into the intake after removing the cone.

In a few seconds they are fragments inside the wall, so you can continue

directly with next piece, until it starts snowing.

The uppermost part you will have to fill by hand.

If you look inside the wall with a mirror during the operation, you will notise a very even and smooth surface.

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