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Introduction: Holloween Cat Jewelry

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This is some Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos themed earrings I made for a friend. I used Fusion 360 to sketch the design and then 3D printed it and painted it.

Things you need:

  • Fusion 360 or other 3D modeling/rendering software
  • access to 3D printer, CNC machine or milling machine

Step 1: Make Your Sketch

  • I first made the body of the cat using the spline tool under the sketch tab. This tool was probably the most used tool during the sketch because it allows me to make curves and adjust their radius.
  • After I made the body, and the bone details using the spline tool, I used the circle tool to make the eyes and hole.
  • Once I felt good about how it looked I moved on to the next step.

Step 2: Extrude

  • Under the create tab I used the extrude tool to extrude the body of my cat to the width I wanted.
  • I then did another extrude to cut the shapes to the depth I wanted for the bones.
  • And lastly I used the extrude one more time to Cut out the eyes.

Step 3: Notes

I have yet to learn or use the cam features on Fusion 360 and I don't have access to a CNC or milling machine so I don't know how to translate this design to be made using those machines. However, this tutorial was used to show how you could sketch something using the spline tool, create a 3D object you can then make in real life. I thought it would be cool if someone would make this out of wood.

Best, J.

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