Introduction: Hologram Screen or Display || Easy || Simple || 3D View

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This is the hologram screen made of plastic glass.

You can watch your favorite movies and videos on the transparent display.

The experience on the transparent screen is amazing.

You can build it easily even a 6+ year old child can build it.....

It is comfortable for school projects.


Step 1: Requirements

  1. Transparent plastic glass (I am using a CD case)
  2. A tape
  3. Black Color to paint structure
  4. Paper cutter
  5. Glue
  6. Small box
  7. Marker
  8. Large box

Step 2: Cut the Box

Take black part of cd case.

Put it into the box.

Make mark according to the length of black case.

Extend the mark around the box.

Cut the marked part via paper cutter.

Step 3: Shape the Box

Put black part of cd case into box as in picture.

Make some mark as in picture.

Touch the mark to corners and make a line.

Cut the line via cutter.

Flip side part under the center part.

Now fix it by tape......

Step 4: Place the Small Box

Take small box and glue it as shown in pictures.....

Step 5: Cut Rectangle on Box

Make a rectangle on the other side of box as shown in picture.

Cut it via cutter.

Now take a cardboard strip and glue it on the top as shown in picture.

Step 6: Glass Setup

Take transparent part of cd case.

Remove extra strip on transparent glass via cutter or sharp tool

Now take the extra glass strip and cut it into half...

Take again transparent glass and stick it on the box via tape as shown in pictures...

Take again black part and stick it from one side so we can open it as door....

Step 7: Adjust the Display

take a mobile, play a video, set it to full brightness and insert into box....

See it from side view, adjust the glass in suitable position and hold it via glass strip that we have cut in half...

Glue the glass strips...

Step 8: Paint and Correct the Things

Paint box via black color......

Put a elastic band via hole to hold the door as shown in pictures...

Reduces the size of small box....

Step 9: All Done

Take a mobile

Set it to full brightness

Play a video

Insert it into the box

Take the box in dark room......

NOW Enjoy........

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