Introduction: Home Address Sign

Create a sign that reflects your artistic side.

Step 1: Gesso, or Prime, a Plywood Board

I purchased a plywood scrap from Home Depot for $1.16. Then painted all surfaces front and back with gesso. I used numerous coats and sanded in between for even coverage.

Step 2: Painted Background

Tear a shopping bag in a hills and valleys shape. Place all the paint colors you are using on a pallette. Using a rag pick up a little of two colors. Place bag on board as a stencil and dab your paint in a pleasing design. I had both sides of the bag torn differently for different effects. Move the bag as you fill each area and use two different paint colors each time. This gives it a beautiful mottled look.

Step 3: Tape Off Your Center Area

I didn't get a photograph of this step. I just measured in 5 inches from all edges and taped it off with blue painters tape. Then painted this inner section with white acrylic, it took 3 coats to cover completely.

Step 4: Create Design

On a piece of computer paper create your design, if you do it on paper first you can change the design easily. I sketched this twice to get the look I wanted.

Step 5: Transfer Design to Board

Using a graphite pencil shade the back of the paper you created your design on. Fold your paper in half long side and short side. Measure and mark the middle of blocked off area, both directions. This way you can center your design easily. Place your design in the center and tape down with painters tape. Using a pen or pencil follow your design and it will transfer to the board. Slowly remove one corner and see if you're design transfered properly and you can see all of it.

Step 6: Copy Design

Following you original design copy the image. Darkening it on your board with pencil.

Step 7: Paint Design

Using a small brush paint your design working slowly. After its dry use the white paint to clean up the edges.

Step 8: Create a Border

Use painters tape to create a one inch border around painting. Then paint in with a same color you used in the center.

Step 9: Seal Your Creation

Use Polyurethane that has a UV protection in it and protect your creation. Make sure you seal both sides and all edges throughly before you hang. Then you are done! Hang outside and enjoy your new sign that shows off your creativity.

Step 10: Update

Neighbor gave me a solar light to point at the sign, makes a huge difference to being able to see the sign at night. I would totally suggest doing this for any address sign.