Introduction: Home Appliance Repair: Freezer Door Shelf Bracket Part. I Made It at TechShop.

     Oftentimes, when our appliance parts start breaking apart, the warranty has just expired and we have to pay excessive charge of tiny little parts.  It sound familiar?  Yes, it happened to me time and again.  Worst, the part could be rare, extinct or impossible to find.  How do we mititgate such systemic problem?

   To make Freezer Door Shelf Bracket Part using Autodesk Inventor and 3D print it on MakerBot.

    I started sketching on one plane. Extrude up the perimeter flange and the U-shape plug (long U-shape).  I extruded the body in opposite direction.  I used the side plane to create a triangle or trapezoidal extrusion CUT to create an angular section.  
   For the hook section, I put the piece on top of a paper and use a mechanical pencile (with lead over extended) and draw the section.  I ask the front desk lady to scan the sketch and save it on a thumb drive.  I import the drawing and extrude the surface to create the hook.