Home Automation Boiler Project




Introduction: Home Automation Boiler Project

The purpose of this project is to manage the following automation scenarios in my house:

  • Remote check the outdoor temperature.
  • Remote check the indoor temperature & humidity.
  • Remote control gas boiler (on / off).
  • Automatic control/switch between solar and gas boiler for home hot water.
  • Android & HTML application for all the above.

Step 1:

Α. Construction of central operating unit.


  • Arduino Uno
  • Ethernet ShieldEmpty Shield
  • Power Supply Unit 12V/4,5Amp DC
  • Outdoor plastix box with IP65
  • Rail terminal blocks
  • Switch Rail Safety Fuse 10Amp
  • Switch Rail Safety 2Amp
  • LM35 temperature sensor
  • SHT1x digital temperature and humidity sensor
  • Servo
  • Relay 5V
  • Εlectronic components (resistors, transistors etc)
  • Relay 12V

Step 2:

  • Remote control of outdoor temperature.
  • Read temperature value from analog input A0Remote control of indoor temperature & humidity.
  • Read temperature and humidity values from digital input D5 Remote control gas boiler (on / off).
  • Control gas boiler on/off with relay in digital output D7Trig from indoor therostat in digital input D9 (because my wife wants the classic thermostat at home...)
  • Automatic control/switch between solar and gas boiler for home hot water.
  • Read solar boiler temperature from analog input A3
  • Automatic selection between solar & gas boiler with servo three-way solenoid valve in digital output D6 for hot water.
  • Read the home water temperature value from analog input A4Manual trig between solar & gas boiler from digital input D8

Step 3:

The page includes a manual trigger buttons, status of the outputs and the measurements of the sensors in real time.

Step 4:

The Application icon on my mobile phone

The main screen with manual trigger buttons

The password & connection settings option (IP addresss & connection port)

Below you can see the settings you now have the application with red text

The sensors measurements (real time)

About the application..

For more info and Project visit my blog


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    This is good.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice ideas! But how do you control the outdoor temperature? ;)