Introduction: Home Automation Boiler Project

The purpose of this project is to manage the following automation scenarios in my house:

  • Remote check the outdoor temperature.
  • Remote check the indoor temperature & humidity.
  • Remote control gas boiler (on / off).
  • Automatic control/switch between solar and gas boiler for home hot water.
  • Android & HTML application for all the above.

Step 1:

Α. Construction of central operating unit.


  • Arduino Uno
  • Ethernet ShieldEmpty Shield
  • Power Supply Unit 12V/4,5Amp DC
  • Outdoor plastix box with IP65
  • Rail terminal blocks
  • Switch Rail Safety Fuse 10Amp
  • Switch Rail Safety 2Amp
  • LM35 temperature sensor
  • SHT1x digital temperature and humidity sensor
  • Servo
  • Relay 5V
  • Εlectronic components (resistors, transistors etc)
  • Relay 12V

Step 2:

  • Remote control of outdoor temperature.
  • Read temperature value from analog input A0Remote control of indoor temperature & humidity.
  • Read temperature and humidity values from digital input D5 Remote control gas boiler (on / off).
  • Control gas boiler on/off with relay in digital output D7Trig from indoor therostat in digital input D9 (because my wife wants the classic thermostat at home...)
  • Automatic control/switch between solar and gas boiler for home hot water.
  • Read solar boiler temperature from analog input A3
  • Automatic selection between solar & gas boiler with servo three-way solenoid valve in digital output D6 for hot water.
  • Read the home water temperature value from analog input A4Manual trig between solar & gas boiler from digital input D8

Step 3:

The page includes a manual trigger buttons, status of the outputs and the measurements of the sensors in real time.

Step 4:

The Application icon on my mobile phone

The main screen with manual trigger buttons

The password & connection settings option (IP addresss & connection port)

Below you can see the settings you now have the application with red text

The sensors measurements (real time)

About the application..

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