Home Automation DIY Project Using Arduino UNO & Ethernet Shield

Introduction: Home Automation DIY Project Using Arduino UNO & Ethernet Shield

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" The main goal of this project is that, How to control home appliances like TV, fan, tube light, or anything using your computer or portable device "

The heart of this project is Ethernet shield and definitely the brain of this project is Arduino uno board they both work together to Turn on and off the contacts of relay to control the desired outputs . Relay is like a magnetic switch to make a contact closed and open depends upon on magnetic field the arduino board will send pulse like 1 (ON) mean high to the respected relay or will send 0 (OFF) to connected relay to turn off the load.

Step 1: How Many Relay,s You Need ?

How many Relay,s You Need ?

The total numbers of Relay,s depends upon on your output load how much appliances you want to control, if you want to control two appliances like Fan and tube light so you need to make a two relay module for your project or if you want to control multiple appliances so increase the number of Relays in the module.

Step 2: How to Make Single Relay Controller Board ?

i am going to show you that how to make single relay controller board to control single output if you learned that how to make single relay module then it,s easy to make another module just like copy the circuit diagram of the same one and do this for all like if you want to control five loads so you need a channel of five relay now use the same circuit and place five relays in parallel .

Components Required :

* Transistor 2N3904

* 1K Resistor

* 10K Resistor

* 1N4148 Diode

* Red Led 3mm

* 3 & 1 Pin PCB Mount Connectors

The circuit diagram is very clear each and every component and connection is clear you just need one out from each module in this module output pin is no 2( RF1 AY) connect this pin to arduino uno output pin to control this relay module.

Step 3: How to Get IP Address of Arduino Ethernet Shield

Take Ethernet shield and mount on arduino uno board just like we did in the given pictures but be careful the Ethernet shield metal pins are very sensitive so do it slowly.

The next step is to connect your arduino uno board to pc using usb cable and open arduino IDE after openinig you need to click on File -- Example--ethernet---Dhcp address printer sketch.
Flip the Ethernet shield module and you will find the mac address now put this mac address in that program they are asking for mac address.

The mac address of this Ethernet shield is (0x90, 0xA2, 0xDA, 0x0D, 0x78, 0xE0) after putting this address on program then click upload .

After uploading the code now connect your Ethernet shield to the internet using LAN cable rj45 once the connection established go Arduino IDE and click on serial monitor and you will get your IP address which is allotted to your Ethernet shield like ( so note it down for future use in source code.

Step 4: Circuit Diagram and Connection Setup :

For single relay module you can give 5V directly from arduino uno board but if the number of Relays increased then it,s hard for arduino board to deliver a sufficient current. If you have multiple relays so power them using external power source.

Connect your ethernet shield to the router and put the IP address in search bar and you will see a window like this so enjoy and control your home appliance using your Mobile phone laptop ...

For source code visit our website :::: www.electronicslovers.com

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    4 years ago

    The on/off function is managed in a myriad of ways, but getting at the mains voltage wiring safely is a totally different matter. For a single appliance, or several that can be powered from the same location1,2,4,8 relays modules on E-bay