Introduction: Home Automation System

An Individual strives hard for just one thing in the present generation. And that is to "SPEED UP". Speeding up for catching the bus and trains have become obsolete. Now, It is the time to speed up in even the minutest competitions.

The first and the only step that we can derive to aid speed is automation. A Person would find it homey when he is able to control multiple things being stagnant. And to accomplish this dream of a laymen, we have designed a home automation system.

The agenda of this system is to make working of routine home appliances painless and undemanding. This system can be operated in two ways. Either you can implement it through your android application of BlueTerm and a PC or Laptop Camera.

It also include facilities like speed variation of fan or an air cooler. It also makes use of detection through various transformations in color.

Ex :- A red gives a particular types of command while yellow gives another. using this color detection we operate AC devices which turns ON/OFF

Step 1: Required Components:

1. Arduino Nano ( 800INR )

2. Bluetooth HC-05 ( 600INR )

3. Relay(5V) ( 20INR )

4. Screw Terminal

5. Wires

6. AC device(Bulb)

SOFTWARE Required:



Step 2: Working...

The Working of the above mentioned design is follows...

We talk about the detection through the device. In this we suppose that a red color is detected on matlab which transmits a data to ARDUINO controller through a Bluetooth operating system. This in a row controls the relay which thereby operates the AC device. In this module we use Basic three - Red, Green, Blue color detection and yellow color detection. Using this four color detection we can control four different AC devices.

We can also take the support mobile Bluetooth for the process of transmission which gives the signal to Bluetooth module.

These design endeavors to renounce some routine hurdles that come into the ways of the old-aged by not letting them depend on others for such trivial things and also for the maintenance of their health.

This design obviates the senseless time consuming problems of highly designated professionals who has millions of deals pouring everyday.

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