Introduction: Home Automation Using Bluetooth(Smart Board)

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Home automation involves automating household environment equipment.

In an attempt to achieve the same,we have designed a smart board that will be easy to install and the attached equipment can be controlled over a smartphone app.

The home appliances will have a bluetooth connectivity using there smartboards.

This project can further be extended to control the appliances over wifi so we can control and monitor from anywhere in the world

Step 1: Smart Board:-A Bluetooth Controlled Smart Electricity Board

INTRUDUCTION:-It is A Bluetooth Controlled Home Automation System.You Can Control Your Home Appliances Just From Your Smartphone.I have done it with the third party applicants. You can make yourself too.All the things Works Perfect !

A simple home automation project using Arduino UNO, Bluetooth module and a smart phone.

The aim this project is to control different home appliances using a smartphones.

We need to start the 'Bluetooth Controller' app in our smartphone and get connected to the Bluetooth module. If pair is successful

We need to set different key for different load their corresponding value that must be transmitted when that key pressed.

Step 2: Component Required

  1. Arduino UNO Purchase Here
  2. HC-05 Bluetooth module Purchase Here
  3. Relay Module Purchase Here
  4. Jumping Wire
  5. Adopter/5v Bettery

Step 3: Circuit for Smart Board(Relay and Bulb)

Circuit:-Wire Up The Circuit According To the schematics.

Just Follow One By One Wire And You Will Do It Perfectly.

We are using Normally open connection in that we can trigger on and off the light .

Hot line from supply is connected to COM.

Supply line to the Ac light is connected to NO.

Gnd or - or other terminal in light is connected directly.

Step 4: Upload Code in Your IDE

Step 5: Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Cheap
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Control
  • Low power consumption


  • It can be Anonymously Authenticate.
  • Bluetooth is Open Source.

Step 6: Circuit For(Arduino and Bluetooth Module)

For Bluetooth Module:-

1)VCC => 3.3V

2)GND => GND

3)Rx => Tx

4)Tx =>

Rx For Relay Module:-

1)VCC => 5V

2)GND => GND

3)Signal => Pin 13