Introduction: Home Automation Using Blynk

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Hello everyone! Ayush and Anvit here from Delhi Public School, Pune. As you might have read in the title, this is a home automation project developed using Blynk as an IOT platform. Nowadays people are becoming lazy and the demand for Home Automation is rapidly increasing. So, we developed this cost effective platform in association with Atal Tinkering Lab.



1 x NodeMCU

1 x Relay Module (we have used 2 channel)

1 x Load (we have used bulb here)

4 x Female to Female Jumper wires


Arduino IDE

Blynk App

Step 1: Connect NodeMCU to Relay

For this tutorial, I will assume you have downloaded the required drivers and libraries for NodeMCU. So lets begin with the connections.

(NodeMCU to Relay Module)



D0 to IN1

D1 to IN2

Step 2: Set Up Blynk

1) In your Blynk account, select "New Project".

2) Enter your project name in the 1st field.

3) Choose "NodeMCU" as device.

4) Choose "Wi-Fi" as connection type.

5) Click on Create.

6) Now click on the plus button.

7) Select "Button".

8) Click on the button.

9)Change "Pin" to "D1" and values as 1,0.

10) Change "Mode" to "Switch".

Step 3: Programming

Github link to code:

Step 4: You're Done!

Now you can enjoy your very own Home Automation platform.

Step 5: