Introduction: Home Automation Using IOT With Blynk and ESP8266-01

Whats app guys.. in this video, you are going to learn how to make a simple home automation using esp8266-01 and blynk app. because IoT is the current trend on the market. so at the end of the tutorial, you can able to know how to make the home automation.


materials required

1) ESP8266-01

2) 2 channel Relay

3) USB to TTL converter

4) jumper wi

Step 1: Gather the Required Components

i strongly suggest you to buy the ESP breakout board to download the code. I have made a breakout board.

you can use any type of relay to connect. but i recommend you to use optocoupler controlled relay. so that the reverse current cannot affect our esp module.

Step 2: Install the Blynk App and Make Necessary Arrangements As Per the Picture

Login with your email id and Select new project

Give a suitable name and select the ESP8266 then click create

you get a notification that Token has been send to your email

Add the widgets

select button widget

touch the button symbol on the screen. select the pin to GPIO0, change the type from button to switch

similarly add one more button, here select the pin gpio2

click Run at the top corner

Step 3: Add Blink Library by Clicking the Following Link Below

download the blink library and paste on the arduino folder as shown in the picture

download the rar file.. extract and paste it on the libraries of the arduino.

Now open arduino IDE, examples and then blink--->esp8266 standalone.. refer the picture

Step 4: Change the Wifi Credential and Token on the Code

copy the auth token code and paste it on the program.. add the wifi SSID and PASSWORD

Step 5: Fix It on the Breakout Board and Download the Code Using USB to TTL Converter

I have made my own ESP module breakout board, if you have an ESP breakout board, fix the module and download the arduino code using USB to TTL converter. i have used a +3.3v regulator at the bottom of the board.


don't forget to change the board from arduino uno to esp8266

don't forget to select the com port

Step 6: Construct the Hardware As Per the Picture

connect GPIO0 to IN1

connect GPIO2 to IN2

switch ON the hardware.

Be careful when giving power supply. because ESP module require only 3.3v.

Step 7: Time to Test the Hardware

switch the internet connection ON on the smart mobile.. run the blynk app.. touch the virtual switch on the screen. check the relay switching or not.

if you want live demo, watch my video..

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