Introduction: Home Automation Using IOT

IOT is trending technology which allows you to access your devices from internet.You can collect data,Control Appliances and monitor your home from around the world.

Step 1: Components Needed:

Arduino.(any model will work)

Personal computer for Programming Arduino.Internet also needed


LED's or Relay.

Step 2: Programming the Arduino.

Cayenne is one of the best IOT Service provider and is easy with many triggering services and message alert on email and mobile when event is triggered.

1)Create a new account in Cayenne using PC or cayenne app.

2)Click on add new>Device/Widget>select your Device.(Arduino UNO in my case).Pic1(green).

3)Once you have selected device you will see connection Module selection.Select serial USB Connection. (You can select WIFI shield if ur using EsP8622 or EHTERNET shield if u have used.)Pic2.

4)Once you select connection module you will see a screen with Code.copy the code.Add #define CAYENNE_PRINT Serial in the code after #include <CayenneSerial.h>. and Add serial.begin(9600); after void setup.

5)See Pic 3 if u cant understand.

6)Compile and Upload program into arduino.

7)In arduino IDE open File>preferences>see sketchook Location.((C:\Users\sss\Documents)

8)Go to sketch book location and open Libraries>cayenne>Extras>script>cayenne.bat.(File name may vary.See pic4)

Once you click the file your arduino gets internet access.Go to cayenne dashoard and see if device is added.

Step 3: Adding Switches on Dashboard

Click on Add>Device/Widget>Select Actuator>generic I/O and select Connectivity(digital) and Pin.Choose widget as per your wish.

Once you add actuator you can control that pin from cayenne dash from any where in the world.