Introduction: Home Built Recumbent Bike

A few years ago I bought this fold up bike at a local army surplus store and it was ok for a while. Later, I thought I'd turn it into a recumbent bike. I was researching them on the web and became really enthusiactic. It took me a month or so to conceive and build. In the end though, I trashed it because it was too small for my body frame anf the gearing on the bike was too low. I thought you guys might like to see it and get some inspiration. I'll be building a new one soon. Let's call this one a learning prototype.

Step 1: Added Fork and Crank

Here's a shot looking down on the fork that was bolted on to the frame and the chain guide wheels I made from skateboard wheels.

Step 2: Chain Guide Wheels

With the longer chain, I needed guide wheels and I bought these replacement skateboard wheels at the dollar store. I filed them down on my drill press and made a groove for the chain. Overall not bad, a little noisy. Next time, I'll try for some sort of wheel tension.

Step 3: Crank Out Front

Here's the pedal crank bolted on the fork. It seemed to work out ok.

Step 4: Seat 1

Basic plywood seat covered with foam and fabric. After riding it for a while, I'd change the position of the foam.

Step 5: Seat 2

Another shot of the seat. Here's the back. I used old seat parts and a photographers clamp for adjustment.

Step 6: Seat 3

Yet another shot, here the bottom of the seat is bolted to the frame. Next time, I'll add some sort of adjustment.