Introduction: Home Chemistry Lab

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Hello all! I have a pretty cool chemistry lab in my room that I want to show you and how you can build up to this. As well as tell you what you need to gather around the house!

Step 1: What I Have

Well, I'm younger so I don't have a very big lab, but I think it's pretty cool! Lets make a list, shall we? Here's the list of my possessions: 1- test tubes. I have plastic and glass. 2- centrifuge tubes. Mine is glass 3- stirrers. I have plastic and metal 4- glass milk jug of water ( for a source of water) 5- dark medicine bottles (for chemical storage) 6- safety glasses 7- latex gloves ( for liquid handling ) 8- isopropyl alcohol (for sticky labels) 9- lighter 10- label tape 11- fire extinguisher 12. Pipettes 13. A place for paperwork That's about all! I am about to get flasks, beakers, more test tubes and various other tools! (Yay!!)

Step 2: What You Absolutely Need

When I first started with chemistry, I thought I needed everything, flasks, beakers, test tubes, etc.. Then I realized, it's not about your equipment, it's about embracing the science itself. I had realized that lesson with physics but didn't even give chemistry a chance. So here's the story, one day my sister, (a chemistry major and now going to med school) gave me a centrifuge tube, I have a lab for physics such as simple Newtonian mechanics and she gave me the tube for the lab. Well, I didn't have a station for chemistry, but that started my true love for the science. I wanted new equipment, but it hit me, I didn't need it. So, I went to the kitchen grabbed a couple items and went back to my room. That got me to doing simple chemistry experiments. i.e, coke and salt, then that made me do videos on red bull and so on. Then came my birthday, I got 8 test tubes, and I did cool experiments! Now I'm here, telling you what you need to have to start your lab. Things you will need are: Fire extinguisher, maybe an old- style milk jug, medicine bottles, labeling tape, latex gloves, lighter, test tube shaped glass bottles, aquarium tubing, nice desk to write findings on. Easy to do, right! I got my old milk jug from the grocery store and its called memory lane chocolate milk!

Step 3: Clothing

You're working with your favorite shirt on, and you spill an unremovable stain on your clothes. That's not a good situation, now is it? You need some protective clothing! I use scrubs like you'd find in a hospital! I also like to use long sleeve shirts under it! That prevents me from ruining my shirt!

Step 4: Be Safe and Have Fun!

Be safe! I'm not reliable for any damages you do to yourself, someone else, or object. So anything in the universe. Have fun! Chemistry is fun if looked at from the right spot! I will be posting fun experiments so follow if you love this instructable or are a nerd, follow me!