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Introduction: Home-Grown Aeroponic Organic MicroGreens

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Trying to experiment growing Homegrown Organic MicroGreens using my gift Bean Sprouting Machine.

The whole idea of my this experiment is to 'unlock' better usage of this machine not just limited to sprout beans.

Beside increase the efficacy of the bean sprouting machine, also giving it another 'life to the machine' especially for those who already had one, and have got tired of eating bean sprouts. Perhaps, the machine is already well kept in the store room and it is time to 'revive' it. Bring it to the next level to grow nutritious organic greens for yourself & for family members (microgreens are at least > 4 times the nutrition level than that of the same mature crop) . Grow it Aeroponically with the machine is so clean & not messy at all for the Microgreens, and eliminate any unknown chemicals, fertilizer, bacteria, etc etc that may remain in the soil media if grown using soil.

As I've left with a bit of CaiXin in my seeds stash, I decided to utilise them for this experiment. And now after this experiment, the bean sprouting machine is busy with Broccoli seeds at the moment.. Anyway, here is the video of my experiment on growing Aeroponic Organic MicroGreens (CaiXin) with some DIY modification to the growing trays.

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