Home Grown Bonsai - Wrightia Religiosa Multi-layered Flower Cultivar

Introduction: Home Grown Bonsai - Wrightia Religiosa Multi-layered Flower Cultivar

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It is a challenging experience growing plant in urban setting, especially in apartment where natural resources like sunlight and due are needed for a nice bonsai plant to stay healthy.

The interest of owning one that are self grown and groom from raw stock plant is very satisfying, especially for one that are not train in any course or whatsoever to do any. And the learning curve of self-taught to train one under limited urban condition is steep yet possible.

This bonsai has been with me from a raw stock cutting bought from a local nursery in 2011, and since started to train it from there, as shown in the video.

To get it to have more bloom for a season this are the steps you can do:


Part 1 : Owning and growing of a Bonsai https://youtu.be/7DPjLdZuEKE

1) Get the raw plant (can get one from nursery) and select a suitable bonsai pot;

2) Plant the raw plant into the bonsai pot and allow it to be stablised growing in its pot (at least 1 season or 3 months);

Part 2 : Training & Ramifying the Bonsai https://youtu.be/dzEc-oduNGU

3) Best would be allowing it to grow 'wild' like what shown in the video;

4) Prune away the longest/biggest stalks first;

5) Then, fully prune away all their leaves, leaving only the petiole on the plant.

6) Coil thicker aluminum wires (about 3mm - 5mm thick) to train the main stem, to have some 'flow-like' style in the way you desiret;

7) Coil thinner aluminum wires (1mm - 3mm) to train the side branches;

8) For another blooming season, repeat step 2 to ramify the leave pads and flowering season.

Note: Do allow the bonsai to recuperate after the bloom for a season at least before continue with step 2.

Good luck..


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