Introduction: Home Lathe

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In this tutorial I'm gonna teach you how to make your own home lathe

Step 1: Circuit

A lathe is a machine composed of a cylinder that rotates around its axis by the action of wheels or levers, and that acts on the resistance through a rope that is rolled in the cylinder.

These machine tools operate by rotating the workpiece (attached to the head or fastened between the centering points) while one or more cutting tools are pushed in a controlled forward movement against the surface of the workpiece, cutting the workpiece According to the appropriate technological machining conditions. Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the lathe has become a basic machine in the industrial process of machining. The cutting tool is mounted on a carriage that travels on guides or rails parallel to the axis of rotation of the piece that turns, called the X axis; On this car there is another that moves along the Y axis, in the radial direction to the piece that is turned, and there may be a third carriage called a charriot that can be tilted, to make cones, and where the tool-holder turret rests. When the main carriage moves the tool along the axis of rotation, it produces the displacement of the workpiece, and when the transverse carriage moves perpendicular to the axis of symmetry of the workpiece, the operation is called the facing. materialsIn the present project the following.


were used. 1 plug.1 transformer.1 diode bridge.2 electrolytic capacitors of 4700 uF í Ticos.2 capacitors cer monkeys to 0.1 uF.2 electrol í ticos 10 uF capacitors.Tantalum capacitors 2 of 1 uF.2 270 Ω resistors.4 diodes 1N4001.2 potentiometers 5 K Ω.1 LM317T transistor.1 LM337T transistor.É ctrico 1 switch.1 333 Ω resistor.1 red LED diode.1 main engine.1 support motor.Venestas. Simulation or n.


The project consists of a power supply adapted to operate as a regulator of a motor. Once plugged in, the present switch must be activated to turn it on, when the red led will start to emit light, once the motor is running the speed can be adjusted by means of the potentiometer. The physical part of the winch consists of wooden plates attached to the main engine, which will give the rotating movement to the piece of wood. On the other end is a support motor, which does not rotate at will, is only to place the wood to be carved, it is clear that the main engine has two teeth glued to the wooden plates to hold more firmly The wood to be carved; This part of the support motor is located on top of a movable platform, which is adjustable according to the length of the wood with which it is going to work. In conclusion, the wood selected for the job can be turned by a wooden file, which must be operated by the person in question. The whole system described above was armed with, and on, cut pieces of venesta.