Introduction: Home Made Automatic Water Dispensing Wash Basin by Using Arduino

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The Aim of this design is to dispense the water from the faucet when you stretch your hand to wash in the basin without soiling the tap and wasting water. Opensource Arduino –Nano board is used to accomplish this.

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Step 1: Components Required:

Arduino – Nano (Any board)

Infrared module (IR)

5V relay board

Solenoid valve

Connecting wires


Basic knowledge of Arduino Programming language(Preferably C++)

Step 2: ​Circuit Description

Circuit interconnections are shown in below figure. Arduino Nano is the central part and other components are used to complete the requirement. Arduino Nano will keep on receiving data from the IR module. This IR module can be used to detect the objects that are nearby to it.

Step 3: Working Logic:

IR receiver will check for the object at a specific distance. If any object(hand) found within the range specified Arduino will make of its digital (D4 in this case) to a logical high. Logical High (5V) is used to switch the relay from Normally closed to the Normally Open position so that the switch can be turned ON. A relay is connected to solenoid valve and 230V power supply to energize the valve. When the Relay is turned ON solenoid valve is opened up and the water is dispensed in the wash basin.

Step 4: Live Demo of This Project