Introduction: Home Made Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Yummy new style of making classic cookies to a divergent style by adding chocolate and stuffing with real chocolate.

Kids would love to have that and so will the lovers of chocolate..... do give a try....

Step 1: Ingredients


1) All Purpose flour - 200 grams

2) 2 cups sugar- 1 cup

3) cocoa powder- 1/4th cup

4) Baking powder-1 tsp

5) egg- 1 large size

6) Butter-100 grams

7) Vanilla Essence Powder-1/2 tsp or 5 - 10 grams

8) Chocolate Chunks(Cooking Chocolate)

Step 2: Method

Sift in a bowl flour, cocoa powder, vanilla essence (half) and baking powder.

Now in other bowl add butter, sugar,egg and remaining vanilla essence and beat with a beater.

Add the dry ingredients in two parts in the butter mixture and make it like a dough ( you may use your hand for combining the dry mixture with the wet one)

Now make your desired size ball and flatten it on your palm and add a chocolate chunk in between and close the chunk in the batter . Keep the cookie balls in the baking dish at good distance as its going to spread when baked.

Bake it for around 12- 15 minutes at 160 degrees .

When taken out of oven keep it on wire rack to cool down at room temperature.... Enjoy the cookies with inner melted chocolate taste ..... ( for detail description you can watch the video above)

Eat n Enjoy:)