Home Made Custom Portable Beer Pong Table

Introduction: Home Made Custom Portable Beer Pong Table

Step 1: The Layout

I built this table for our annual secret Santa gift exchange. My draw is a huge lakers fan and wanted a portable beer pong table, but the budget for the exchange is $40..... So I built one.

Step 2: The Material

My brother is a finish carpenter, so luckily enough he had the material and equipment needed for the table. That saved me on cost and kept me right at budget. Measurements are 8'x2' cut directly in half to fold down to 4'x2' for transport.

We used a standard 1/2" sheet of plywood and ran the borders with 3/4"x4' finish oak, something you might use for baseboards or cabinets.

Step 3: The Paint

I found Lakers purple and yellow and my local Lowes, hit the whole table with a layer of spray primer, to cover the print on the wood.

I wanted a yellow table with purple borders, so I taped accordingly.

Step 4: The Decals

I found some felt banners at a local sports apparel shop, ran me $7 each. My initial plan was to stencil the lakers emblem and Kobe's number 24, but this proves more cost effective.

Step 5: The Table

I decided against legs for the table, as they would have put me way over budget, and I figured this table could be unfolded and placed over any ordinary party table and work just fine.

Step 6: The Finish

I ended up using 1 full can of purple and 2 cans of yellow, adding layers every 30 minutes or so. After, I hit the whole table with layer after layer of a sprayable shellac, to make it shine and waterproof.

I used standard door hinges to connect the two sides, added furniture leg sliders on the bottom side, a handle and lock for transport and storage.

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