Home Made Dog Toy

Introduction: Home Made Dog Toy

About: I like dogs and creating things so i will share loads of info and creatables. Thx :) x)

This is a easy way to entertain u and your dog for ages on end

Step 1: Essentials

U will need a hard plastic container with a lid that can be sealed shut u will also need some dog food preferable meat to put inside of the container and lastly u will need a drill or knife to make some holes

Step 2: Get the Container and Drill Some Holes Into It If U Dont Have a Drill Anything Will Do

Step 3: Put the Dog Food Into the Container

Step 4: Put the Lid Back on and Seal It

Give this to your dog and watch him jump around trying to get the meat out
And remember if u dont have a dog plz dont try this

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