Introduction: Home Made Face Mask Alternative : Visors

With the coronavirus pandemic in full swell and a shortage of face masks, I've been wondering how we can make something safe, cheap, and without having to leave the home.

When I was helping my son with his home learning and he handed me his folder, that's when it hit me. I could make a visor!

The issue with a regular visor is that it's heavy, bulky and if you're not used to wearing glasses it can feel like a pain. Plus purchasing medical supplies right now is very expensive.

With this home made visor, you can barely feel it on you, you can make it with items from your own home, and it wont cost you a penny, I promise!

Step 1: Things You'll Need

1. A clear plastic pocket with some binders at the side (like the pictures attached).

2. A shoe lace OR long thick rubber bands OR ribbon

Step 2: Loop the String Through the Holes


For better fit, you may also attach a safety pin to the sides and fasten that to a rubber band. This is tied around the ears.

Step 3: Fasten It Around Your Head

Step 4: Voila! a Home Made Visor

The best part is that these clear plastic folders are sold in bulk, you can dispose of it if you wish or even wash it in soap and water for an eco friendly alternative.

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