Introduction: Home Made Forge Made From Gas Tank

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As mentioned in my last instructable Fire extinguishers are amazing and mostly free. What we will be building today is a home made forge capable of melting stainless and we tried glass but it just went mushy.

Shopping list:
Gas tank empty (free)
Gas tank full (have)
Fire extinguishers (free)
Welder (have)

Step 1: Empty Gas Tank Clean Clean Clean

We attached our gas tank to a BBQ and burned off the last few minutes of gas tank.
Then put a regulator on hung it upside down and turned it on.
Drill small hole in top BE CAREFULL
Drill another hole in bottom

The tank will be quite full with gunk that smells really bad.
To clean it out we then made these holes much bigger then put lots of boiling soapy water washing out threw the gas tank.

Step 2: Building Forge

We marked out a line along the top of the bbq and using saw we put off the top this is going to be our lid that we welded on using a hinge.
This is now our main holder for the forge.

Step 3: Setting Up the Holder

We packed the sides with engineer bricks we are using bottom of fire extinguisher for our melting pot.

Step 4: Flare

What we did here for the flare was put a small 10mil pipe threw to another larger pipe sealing off one end. You will need a 1.5 to 2 hole going wards the front of the top of gas pipe.

The theory is that when you pump gas throw the small pipe and then down into much smaller hole you are injecting quite a large amount of gas to small hole. The hole is back of tube pulls air in mixing with gas.

Step 5: Meliting Stuff

Took around 25 minutes to melt first block of aluminium and then took another 5 minutes per extra bock we added. we have break down of build under images below.

Step 6: Casting