Introduction: Home Made Fountain

This is Home Made fountain ... I tried at home.


Water Battels, cement, tissue papper , original leaves, paint, water, A tub, stones and A motor .

Step 1: 1st We Use Water Bottels and Cut Half of the Bottle From Upper Area After That We Joint Them With the Help of Rope .

5 water bottels, and a rope

Step 2: Then We Use White Cement , Mix White Cement With Water and Cover the Whole Outside Area of the Bolttels With the Help of Tissue Papper.

Tissue papper , white cement , water.

Step 3: Then We Put Lights at the Whole of the Bottels to Look More Beautiful , and Colour the Fountain, and Add Small Pipes Infront of the Fountain.

Paint , lights, pipes.

Step 4: At Last We Put the Fountain Top of the Tub With Help of a Card Board, and We Use a Motor for Water . We Enter Motor Under the Tub and Add It With Pipe , Then We Use Original Leaves to Decorate the Fountain.

Water , lights , motor, leaves , tab and a card board.