Introduction: Home Made Knife

I made this knife for a friend of mine. He came to me after school with a bunch if materials and a template and asked me to build it for him. I decided to do it and it was a really fun build.

Step 1: Materials

My first step that I follow is finding materials that I could use for the build. After I have found good materials I come up with a template. The template I used came from a friend of mine who asked me to build this knife. I don't have a picture but it was on a piece of cardstock. I cut the template out of the card stock then traced it onto my steal.

Step 2: Shaping

The next thing that I do is cut out the template using an angle grinder with a cutting disc. After it is cut out of te steel I refine the shape on my belt grinder. One I finish on the by grinder I put the blank in a vice and shave off the overhang witha file

Step 3: Tang

Since I didn't have a tang built IMO that piece I metal I used a steel to that a friend welded onto the blade for me.

Step 4: Bevel

After the tang was welded I used a disk grinder to make the bevel on the blade. For this I made a jig so that I could get the bevel as Even as possible

Step 5: Handle

After the bevel is made I attaché the handle with a brass cap. I then thinned it down until I was happy with it.

Step 6: Polishing

Once I had everything set in place and I was happy with it I stared to polish up the metal usein 1000 grit San paper. Then I went and sharpened the blade a diamond stone

Step 7: Finished