Introduction: Home Made Neon LED for Computer

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My friend has a nice computer but he always wanted to have a neon in his computer.

So this instructable will show you how to make one

Step 1: Things You Will Need

I found all the parts around my house.

Materials :

- Hair Gel

- ATX connector (4 pin)

- LED ( Match with your computer color )

- Small CLEAR PVC tube

- Hot Glue Gun

- Masking tape

Step 2: Filling the Tube

Basically is filling the hair gel into the tube.

The bubbles in the hair gel reflect the light exactly like a neon bulb.

First you have to fill the tube with hair gel, after place the LED ( don't forget to glue the LED) in one side and plug the other end with hot glue (to prevent leak).

Step 3: Electric Connection

First make sure you know your LED Leeds (+ -) and your ATX connector ( i already had, in my connector, an 100ohm resistor), so  insert the LED in the other side of the connector and bend the excess.

When all is done add some tape to prevent light escaping and to prevent unplugging of the Neon.

Step 4: Testing Part

Find an testing power supply and hook up your neon for a test

Here is a video from the first test :

Step 5: In the Computer

Now the best part, adding the neon in the computer.

Find somewhere to put the neon in the computer.

When you find your place, tape your Neon where you wanted in the case

And if you're like me, hide your wires for better view.

Step 6: Turn It on and Enjoy

Plug your computer, turn it on and ENJOY !!!! :p 

Here is a video in the computer (Youtube ruined up the speed of the video):

Thanks for Watching!!! ( And sorry for my English)