Introduction: Home Made Refrigerator With Smart Control Functionality (Deep Freezer)

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Hello Friends this is Part 2 of DIY refrigerator based on peltier module , in this part we utilize 2 peltier module instead of 1 , we also use a thermal controller to set desired temperature to save a bit of energy.

Step 1: Video

For More Info please watch video.

Step 2: Dimension for Enclosure

Make housing for your Refrigerator using this dimension.

Step 3: Cooling Fan Selection

You can use any cooling system with big/thin fin heat sink, mine is Intel Cooling Fan From P3 PC Because P3 PC generates Lots of heat so heat sink can be massive.

Step 4: Wiring Connections

Use this wiring diagram to connect all parts together.

Step 5: Parts Required

  1. Peltier Module.
  2. Cooling System.
  3. Temperature Controller.
  4. Polystyrene/Thermocol.
  5. 5mm Ply Wood.
  6. Aluminium Foil.
  7. 12 volt 10 Amp Power supply.
  8. thermal grease.

Step 6: Temperature Controller

Use Of temperature controller can make this project smart.

Step 7: Custom PCB

Make Custom PCB for Connecting Fan and Various Parts.

Step 8: Big Relay

Use Big Relay Instead of using builtin relay on Temperature controller. Use Flyback diode with relay as shown in picture.

Step 9: Peltier With Cooling Fan

Use Bigger cooling fan to dissipate heat produced by peltier.

Step 10: Project Picture

You can clearly noticed that i use back side for wiring.

Step 11: All Done(Cool)


  • This refrigerator can reach below 20'C (Surrounding temperature 39'C).
  • Requires 12 volt 6Amp power Source.
  • Efficiency is 30-40%.
  • Works Great For Maintaining Desired Temperature Between 35'C-20'C (Environment temp 40'C).
  • Use of temperature controller can save a little bit of energy.

Make Your Own and let me notify If have Any Problem related to this project.

Thank You

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