Introduction: Home Made Rocket (fueled by the Fuse) in Just 10 Minutes

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What ?

Mini rockets which can be created by anyone in home. Those rockets are quite spectacular. You can put on them some paper 'suit' and they can fly in funny way making spins and corkscrews (at the end of this instructable is the video showing that effect).

Why ?

Because it is fun :) and because it is easy.



aluminum foil

short stick


Notice that making such things always could be dangerous. Please be careful if You plan to create such rockets. Even those one I've built could be dangerous. They can fly in wrong direction or, if You don't leave the way for the gases to expand, it can blow as firecracker.

Step 1: Cut the 4 Pieces of the Fuse

This step is very easy. Just cut 3 exactly the same pieces of the fuse and the one longer section.

This step determines the 'power' of the rocket. If You use longer or more than 4 pieces, the rocket will have greater range.

Step 2: Creating the Rocket

Tie all fuse's pieces together using aluminum foil as shown on the picture.

Remember to close the top of the rocket. If You don't do that, rocket won't fly.

Step 3: Rocket's Fin

Attach the stick to the rocket. It will work as a fin and allow to fly straight line.

That's all. Now You can fire Your rocket and observe nice fly.

Here is a video with the whole construction process.

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